We Accidentally Became Passionate about Flags

Flying the Flag is our family-run business.

Hi there! We are Andrew and Ainslie Macaulay, and we’ve been passionate about flags for 18 years. But it all began with Andrew. He saw some flags at the markets and became intrigued with the range, meanings and purpose. It is here that Andrew’s passion grew into our family business from this chance once-off buy.

Due to the niche shoppers, we started selling flags at the markets but have now expanded to targeting festivals and events. Why? Because people attending events and festivals are already surrounded by some sort of flag. For e.g. car and truck shows have a tradition of where truckies proudly display their meaningful flag. So, it seemed practical to provide flag buyers at events with what they needed, and also tempt them with what they didn’t know they needed. To flag lovers, flags embody more than a piece of cloth flying in the wind. They speak what words cannot. And that’s why, even though some people might think flags are boring, they are far from that. They have a story to tell, and that’s why we are passionate about flags because they connect people through conversation and everyday life.

Quality Flags and a Variety of Choices

Quality! That’s what sets our flags apart from once-off online buys. Other flags are hemmed once, whereas our flags are strong and long-lasting with four hems.

About our flags –

  • They are the size of 3x5ft, have header tape and two metal grommets.
  • The flag is dye-sublimated with beautiful bold colours.
  • Printed on one side all the way through the fabric.
  • Double-stitched around all edges with four rows of stitching on the fly edge.

Because the material of our flags is polyester, it offers three times the weight compared to other flags, so that they won’t tear after just one use. And we have regulars that only use their flag a couple of times a year, then pack it away correctly, using it year in, year out. They attest to the quality and difference in our flags.

Flags just aren’t flags

  • they are symbolic;
  • they have purpose;
  • they are nostalgic and tell stories from the past and the present;
  • flags give meaning and display what words alone cannot.

So next time you see a flag flying high, or that’s available to buy, consider what else a flag may embody. We guarantee you’ll find flags more interesting than you initially thought at Flying the Flag!

The history of our flag

When people ask us about the history of Australia’s flag, we gladly share what we know. However, over the years, through chatting to folks from around Oz, we’ve learnt that the history of our flag can become a heated debate, with many versions of the truth.

But here’s a one minute video that gives you insight into our Australian history.

If you have any stories about flags, Australian or otherwise, please share them with us on our Facebook page, or tell us in person at our next event. We’d love to hear what you know.